How to get your child to choose a job path

It’s hard to encourage your children to study and learn, it is. I myself get bored easily and at first, didn’t like learning at all. When we are little we don’t know how it affects us. Adults say to me ‘study’, ‘be an engineer’, ‘you’ll do better in life if you study harder’ and I probably will. The problem is that parents and guardians sometimes try too much

My father always wanted his children to be an engineer or a computer programmer. But, my siblings decided to be something else. My sister wanted to be a fashion designer, My eldest brother dropped out of college and decided to be a podcaster, my other brother wants to be a doctor, and I want to be a psychologist.

All of these jobs are great and all of them are hard to do. You have to work hard to go on the path you want. But, children don’t realize it at first, they just in joy life. This is good, children should enjoy life, but they should also think of the future ahead of them.


It’s good pushing your children, but some parents don’t know the limit. You can’t decide your children’s jobs, I know it is tempting and I know all you want is for them to succeed. But, children need to decide on their own.

I hate it when adults try to tell me what career is best for me. It is my life, it is my decision.

Try not to push (out of school)classes too much, tell your child about the opportunity, and let them decided. If you really want them to do the class then offer them money. I know it sounds weird, but money is on kid’s minds.

It’s better for them to decide on their own.


It is no lie that children don’t like listening to their parents. When a parent suggests something their kids automatically don’t want to do it. Try to find someone else to introduce the opportunity. If you want your child to choose a good career path, bring someone you know that is a doctor, writer, or whatever you think will have the best impact on your child and let them talk to your children about the different opportunities at hand.

I, myself, decided that I wanted to be a psychologist through my mom's stories. She is a social worker and tells me about patients that have delusions and people’s problems. After she told me all these stories I wanted to learn more about how the brain works and why people do certain things.

that leads me to number 3


As I was saying when my mom told me those stories I was interested in the brain and why people do certain things.

Try to tell your kids stories about your job or someone you know career that might interest them. Even TV shows might help, like once I watched a few seasons of Grey's anatomy I wanted to be a surgeon. It’s funny how that works.

But, if there is a TV show that introduces different jobs, show it to them! That can make them think if they would like to be a surgeon or a therapist or whatever job is in the TV show. But, make sure the show is actually entertaining.

Your child may just think of money and not their passion. Which is fine, but try to help them find their passion too and not what job pays the highest.



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